Our redesigned site: your feedback

A big “Thank You” to everyone who sent us great feedback and constructive suggestions about our redesigned site. Here’s a small update with some of your comments, plus a few other clarifications.


Don’t forgetyou can continue to send us feedback via our feedback tool on how the site is working for you. Or just leave a comment below.


Look and feel

Most of you really liked our refreshed UI and the more logical organization of the resources: “so much more friendly,” “awesome redesign,” “easier to use.” But some of you had a particular gripe concerning the Search page:  “… the Search fields are much too big … which means we've got to scroll down every time it is a new search. …”


Point taken. We are going to look into how to display more of the search results and less of the search box. We can’t accommodate all screen and monitor sizes, but we will look at optimizing the display to improve the search experience and reduce unnecessary scrolling.


TBX download

We’re really pleased to hear all the great feedback on the new TBX download feature!


We do realize that not all tools can handle all aspects of TBX as the format is still maturing.


For info on TBX, Jost Zetzsche has a number of pointers in his latest Tool Kit newsletter, where he writes about the Language Portal and provides tips, tricks, and tools to convert/import/export TBX files to formats  such as CSV and TMX.


You can follow Jost on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Jeromobot for tips on translation, localization, and industry trends.


Construction complications

And finally, we have fixed a few problems that dogged us on and off as we upgraded the site:


·         The NEXT page now works when you want to see the next screen of search results. This was down for a few days.

·         Target-to-source search was intermittently out of action while we upgraded the site. It’s now back on track.


Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reporting these issues!

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