Downloading UI translations for offline use

Microsoft Language Portal features an online search displaying results from our terminology database and text strings used in our products.


In addition to the online search, you can download the text strings (a.k.a. "UI strings") in CSV format with an MSDN or TechNet subscription. These now include Windows 7 translations. The content of these files is identical to what you will find in the online search on the Language Portal, but the UI strings in CSV format can be useful for offline searches.

Click one of the links to go to the MSDN or TechNet sites. The files containing the translations are located in the Tools and Resources section under Translation Glossaries. Each language download is a Zip file containing multiple individual products.

• TechNet:

Tip: If the download options are not available, you may need to activate your MSDN or TechNet subscription under “My Account”. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much for the comment, Gino! Much appreciated.

    Wk, to download the glossaries, you’ll need to log in as a subscriber on MSDN or TechNet to download these files. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct link.

    Myunghwa Choi, the terminology – i.e. what you see in the pane "Microsoft Terminology Database" – is only available for search on the portal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Office User, you may find help in this link that explains issues with subscriptions:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jeremias, good point, just edited the text a bit so hopefully it’s clearer. The links should take you to the main download section where you then choose "Tools and Resources" on the left-hand menu and then "Translation glossaries"…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    The link "Download files with software translations" on the page: curiously points to this blog entry.

    I have a TechNet account yet I am unable to locate these csv-s anywhere. Please do publish at least as much as a page where to start looking.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that’s correct. You need to have an MSDN/TechNewt subscription for the downloads to be active.

  6. vvk says:

    i have not found any glossaries in the provided sections

    please could you please give a direct link to the glossaries

  7. Myunghwa Choi says:

    I’d like to refer to the latest terms so that I can get the latest information. Thanks in advance!

  8. gino panino says:

    i am a translator in sw localization agency. thank you for this very useful resource!

  9. sabs says:

    I’ve realized the same as ‘officer user’ said: I logged in as a subsciber in bothe sites, but the download command is not active.

    It seems that you have to be a subscriber (payable) on MSDN , in order to get access to this CVS file.

    Could anybody confirm that ?

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