Context-sensitive speller

contextual spellingToday’s post in the Office Natural Language Team Blog reminds us that a great addition to Office 2007, a context-sensitive spelling checker, is also available for Spanish (as well as English and German).

It is a very useful feature for languages with recurrent homophones, like they’re, their and there in English. It helps users avoid misuse of similarly spelled words by highlighting some contextual spelling errors with a blue squiggle and suggesting the correct alternative: 

The Office 2007 contextual spelling checker looks at surrounding words and flags words that look unusual for the context. This can help you avoid some of the most frequent mistakes like “I’m loosing valuable time.”

Here is the blue squiggle in action:


You can find more information on contextual spelling in the Office Online Help, in the Office Natural Language Team Blog and in Office Hours: The next generation of the spell checker.

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