Czech Terminology: changing “klepnout” to “kliknout”

Based on strong feedback from our users, we are changing our Czech translations for click and double-click (verb and noun) to kliknout/kliknutí and dvakrát kliknout/dvojité kliknutí, respectively.

With this change, we are hoping to align these terms with the latest industry standard terminology and meet the preferences of Czech users. Earlier this year, the Czech subsidiary asked users for feedback on this change through a vote at Ž and the message came back very strongly that 94% of users polled are in favour of a new term "kliknout" over the old term "klepnout". We want to ensure that our terminology reflects users preferences and wil therefore consider the old terms Klepnout/klepnutí and poklepat/poklepání obsolete in the future. 

The  implementation will be done for all new products and new versions of existing products. To avoid any compatibility issues with a confusing user experience and consistency in already existing products, such as Windows Vista or Office 2007, we will not be implementing the change in minor updates such as Service Packs to existing products.

This table provides an overview of the change:

English term

Current Czech translation

New Czech translation

Click (verb)



Click (noun)



Double click (verb)


Dvakrát kliknout

Double click (noun)


Dvojité kliknutí

The new terms are not yet visible in the Microsoft Language Portal search tool.

We would like to thank all users who gave feedback on this change which will enable us to improve our products and meet the expectations of users.

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