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- this post was contributed by TechMahindra, who has joined us in the Microsoft booth at TM Forum Nice this week.

Enterprises and Corporations conduct business globally and engage with an ecosystem of suppliers and consumers as part of their business processes. CxOs of these organizations have to continuously evaluate new technologies and apply them in their business processes to ensure that the global machinery is well-coordinated, cost-effective and efficient in catering to business needs.

At Tech Mahindra / Mahindra Satyam, we have identified that there is a strong need for business transformation and a well-aligned application of technologies to address these needs. While this is acknowledged by the CxOs that we have interacted with, quite often, we find that CxOs have some the following challenges while ensuring that their organization is Future Ready.

  • Hotchpotch investments in new technologies leading to non-realization of anticipated benefits
  • Bandwidth constraints on multiple initiatives if they have to be taken up simultaneously
  • Supporting similar business processes across multiple regions & geographies
  • Lack of an end-to-end business process perspective leading to incoherent customer experience
  • Inability to launch new services and products keeping up with evolving lifestyles of end-users

To address the evolving requirements of “Future Ready” Enterprises, Tech Mahindra / Mahindra Satyam offers their NMACS™ Business Transformation Offerings.

What is NMACS?

NMACS is an integrated technology strategy that delivers transformational business value to Enterprises. It stands for solutions that exploit Network Technologies, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security (N-M-A-C-S) solutions in an integrated approach to address an enterprise’s challenges, keep up with industry trends and create new revenue generation opportunities.

In a fully-connected world, supplier/consumers ecosystem can be reached only if appropriate connectivity is established. For the connectivity services to bring business benefits, business process decisions will have to be executed from palm-top mobile devices of customers. Delivering the right choice to the palm-top is not easy unless the right choices are identified and positioned to the right set of users. Dealing with highly individualized offerings comes with fluctuating demands and commitment of funds & energy should have elasticity to handle spurts. And, all of this should be achieved whilst providing safeguards to individuals and society.

The interplay of appropriate connectivity, point of presence in the palm-top mobile device and positioning of right information / product to users through elastic infrastructure in a security-enhanced manner is the fundamental element of the NMACS strategy.

Associates play a key role in the NMACS strategy of Mahindra – a strategic associate being Microsoft Corp., which is strongly positioned in the Mobility, Cloud and Analytics space.

Mahindra and Microsoft share a relationship which encompasses areas of R&D, Professional Services, Systems Integration and a joint go-to-market plan.

As part of this key relationship Mahindra has been constantly innovating and focusing on building solutions for the Microsoft platform in some of the much talked about areas of NMACS like Cloud and Social.

Mahindra is showcasing some of these differentiated solutions at the Microsoft booth at the TM Forum

One of the solutions “WBB eXpress” is the ‘Right-Fit’ Converged Wireless Broadband BSS Platform for enabling better operational efficiency and Next Generation services for Broadband players.

The other is the Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) which is a common platform for quicker on-boarding of multiple services like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. It is configurable and enables provisioning of public, private or hybrid cloud services.

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