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Question 1) I can’t post comments on blogs.

Answer: The Spam Filters and Comments are directly related.  When a comment is automatically blocked by spam, they did comment but it was deleted by the spam rules. The spam settings on blog for moderation may be quite low that’s why all of them may appear but several of them are being flagged for moderation. Check for spam filter settings on your blog and check for comments whether they are blocked for any particular word. Comments should not be too short. There is a spam rule that will auto delete if the comment is too short.

Question 2) is there some way to make a local backup of the TechNet or MSDN blogs?

Answer: We as an operations team keep backups of the blogs data but there is not current functionality that allows us to do an export of blog data from the database to provide to you.  The current platform does not support it. What you can do on your own is keep copies locally of your blog posts and comments.

Question 3) I am able to paste pictures into Live Writer and they appear when I publish my blog post.  Ids like to be able to attach example SQL Scripts, etc to my blog so that users can click a link and download them.  How do I do this?

Answer: The blogging platform only supports hosting images and videos but we do not support downloads.  What you'll need to do is host the downloads/text files/sql scripts in a different location and point your users to them from within your blog post.

Question 4) – how do I get Videos into the blog post?

Answer: This info is available here: http://micropedia/index.php?title=Blog#Where_can_I_host_Silverlight_videos_on_my_blog.3F


Question 5) currently user has the blog login ID, which is associated with his email alias. He would like to create a personal login that is associated with his email alias and start blogging under that. How can we do that?   

Answer: user has to have his account associated to a account and you can only have one blog account associated to one email address.  He will need to either keep the account he has or we can change that account to be a different name if he wants.



Question 6) Blogs New post not showing up in RSS (or Atom) feed.

Answer: unfortunately there is no process to force an update of an RSS feed. The feed build system is an external service and it typically builds all new updates between 4-10 hours after a post has been made.

Question 7) is there any way to only show the first few lines of a blog post on the home page instead of the full posts of each?

Answer: If a blog reader looks at posts for a particular month, then yes, you can see just the first few lines. If you want default for all posts to only show the first few lines on home page.  This feature is not available on current version of blog.

Question 8) I would like the DL (Distribution list) to receive comment notifications by email to any post done by any author on the blog.

Answer:  you need to enabled the DL to receive mail from external sources

The link to change that setting can be found at http://autogroup/.

Tired of spam? OR need to receive email from users external to Microsoft?
By default all Distribution Lists are configured to only receive mail from internal Microsoft users.
Use the
Distribution Group self service tool to configure restrictions for your Distribution List.
Configuration options:
   (1) Receive email from external users
   (2) Block email from external users

Question 9) how can I get a feed (RSS) of all comments to my team's blog?

Answer: You can subscribe RSS feeds of each comment on the blog by clicking on the option "Subscribe to this post's comments using RSS ". You can find the option at the end of each post.

Question 10) When I try to post on a blog I get server 0 error.

Answer: Server 0’ error occurs when user tries to publish a post to their CS blog with a title that already exists. Can you ensure the blog post has a unique title and retry?


Question 11) IS ping Back functionality is available on Blogs?

Answer: All ping-back functionality has been disabled in the current blog platform due to tremendous amounts of ping back spam






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