Convergence EMEA: Matching business challenges to technological solutions

Jean-Philippe Courtois (President, Microsoft International) introduces Convergence EMEA 2015 in his blog post on The Official Microsoft Blog.

Convergence is our flagship business conference in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and provides a fantastic opportunity to continue a dialogue with business leaders. Our job is simple – to listen, to learn, to engage and to share.


“To better understand how European companies are approaching digital transformation, we partnered with Forrester Consulting to evaluate European organizations’ digital strategies and priorities. The results of the study are illuminating; there was almost unanimous agreement digital transformation is not a single instance or one-time tactic but rather that becoming more agile and customer focused requires long-term commitment.”

To learn more about how companies are approaching their own transformation, please watch our opening keynote on Monday, Nov. 30 (6:30 a.m. PT/3:30 p.m. Central European Time), where we will talk about this shared journey we are on and highlight some of the latest technologies and innovations that will help organizations throughout Europe and the rest of the world transform into digital businesses.


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