Obnoveni MCT certifikace (MCT renewal)

Zde je pár Q&A, které se týkají obnovení MCT certifikace (připravil Derek O'Rourke, EMEA Program Manager E-Learning, MCP & MCT; nepřekládáme):

I just joined the MCT program recently. Do I still need to renew?
Yes, you still need to renew, regardless of when you first joined the program. If you joined between January and March 2008, however, you will not be charged a renewal fee when you renew.
I keep trying to renew, but I’m getting an error message. What should I do?
Contact your RSC (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/support/worldsites.asp) to renew over the phone. We experience systems problems earlier this month that affected many MCTs. Most of these issues have been resolved, but we’re still addressing a small number of escalations. If you’re in this group, please contact your RSC and they can complete the application on your behalf with your consent.
I didn’t teach this year or submit any MTM evaluations. Can I still renew?
Yes—we no longer require MCTs to teach a minimum amount of training days per year. You are encouraged to renew as long as you continue to find the certification valuable!
What happens if I don’t renew by April 30th? Can I rejoin later?
Shortly after the renewal period ends, we decertify all MCTs who have not renewed. All access to MCT benefits end at that time. While you can certainly rejoin the program at any time, your transcript will reflect the interruption in your certification status.
Are there any new benefits this year?
Yes, several: 

  • Free access to Microsoft Learning Nexus (https://nexus.mslearn.net), an opportunity matching site that enables a CPLS (or Microsoft!) to offer business opportunities directly to MCTs (if you’re a CPLS staff instructor, your CPLS can manage opportunities on your behalf)

  • 50% discount on the new Microsoft Press Complete E-Reference Library – free access to more than 500 complete Microsoft Press books on-line for only $125 US

  • Free access to the TechEd Video Library through June 30, 2008 (http://www.techedvideolibrary.com/)

  • MCT Awards—pass along certification discounts to your students and accumulate referral points when your students pass exams. Redeem your points for free testing!

  • Enhanced Knowledge Base access-- all of the content that is in the public Knowledge Base, plus public security articles, partner security articles with detailed product support information, and articles about pre-release (beta) products.

  • MCT Community Profile-- a personal profile page on microsoft.com. Advertise your background and experience to your peers or the public!

Finally—if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. If you’re having a problem with the renewal application, please contact your Regional Service Center (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/support/worldsites.asp) first, as they’re more likely to have solutions at their fingertips, but feel free to include me as well.


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  1. Paresh karia says:


    I just join MCT team, i am try to Join the MCT Awards Program. i am getting error message "The MCP ID number you entered is not in our system". i already send email to memberservices@mctawards.net but they are not given resonde since last 8 days and i already send 2 reminder also. and contact RSC but not getting responce.

    any Support from your side.

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