SQL Tip 小技巧整理集 (總共 31 篇)

SQL Tip 小技巧整理集總共 31 篇 ,提供給大家學習參考。

[SQL Server Tip] 使用ALTER DATABASE 變更 SQL SERVER 2008 設定
  Change Settings with ALTER DATABASE in SQL Server 2008
[SQL Server Tip] 設定SQL Server Agent 自動重新啟動服務 .Configure SQL
  Server Agent to Restart Services Automatically
[SQL Server Tip]設定保全操作員讓你更安心 Play it Safe and Configure a
  Fail-Safe Operator
  Move Databases
Work with Dynamically Configured Memory in SQL Server
  2008(SQL SERVER 2008記憶體動態自我調整)
Ways to Find out What Data Was Deleted by SQL Server Repair
  (透過 SQL Server 挽救方法找出已刪除資料)
Use New Cmdlets in SQL Server PowerShell to Mange SQL Server
  2008 (使用SQL Server PowerShell指令程式管理SQL Server 2008)
Understand the Replication Models in SQL Server 2008 (了解SQL
  Server 2008 複寫模型)
Recover Missing Data in SQL Server 2008 Using a Partial
  Restore (使用SQL Server 2008部分還原復原遺失資料)
Optimize Memory for Indexing in SQL Server 2008 (優化SQL
  SERVER 2008 索引記憶體用量)
New SQL Server Utility and Utility Control Points in SQL
  Server 2008 R2 (SQL SERVER 2008 R2 公用程式和公用程式控制點)
Monitor SQL Server Performance and Activity with Built-In
  Functions (利用內建函數監控SQL Server 效能和活動)
Learn About Manually Tweaking Parallel Processing Settings
Know when not to Maximize Data Throughput for Network
  Applications (何時不將網路應用程式的資料傳送量最大化)
Know the Monitoring Tools and Resources Available in SQL
  Server 2008(認識SQL SERVER 2008 監控工具和資源管理)
Know How and When to Use Emergency Mode Repair
How to Quickly Create a Copy of a Table using Transact-SQL
Determine System and Server Information on SQL Server
  2008(識別SQL SERVER 2008系統和伺服器資訊)
Customize Memory Allocation for Queries in SQL Server
  2008(自訂SQL Server 2008 查詢記憶體大小)
Server Groups to Manage SQL Server
Create Server Groups to Manage SQL Server
Configure SQL Server 2008 to Automatically Manage File Size
  (設定SQL Server 2008自動管理檔案大小)
Configure Remote Server Connections (設定遠端伺服器連接)
Configure Parallel Processing in SQL Server 2008 (設定SQL
  Server 2008 平行處理)
Configure a Fail-Safe Operator for Notifications
設定你的SQL SERVER 弱點分析 Configure Your SQL Server Attack Surface
使用T-SQL命令管理存取和角色權限 Manage Access and Roles with Transact-SQL
  (T-SQL) Commands
透過命令模式管理SQL SERVER 服務 Manage SQL Server Services from the
  Command Line
將SQL SERVER 2000 紀錄傳送升級為SQL SERVER 2008 Upgrade SQL Server
  2000 Log Shipping to SQL Server 2008
使用 ALTER DATABASE 移動資料庫 Use ALTER DATABASE to Move Databases
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