ESG report validates performance, efficiency, and scalability of Windows Server 2012


The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently published its storage analysis of Windows Server 2012 based on expert, independent, hands-on testing. The results highlight the flexibility, efficiency, and agility that Windows Server 2012 has to offer organizations of any size at a fraction of the cost.

ESG Lab performed hands-on evaluation and testing of Windows Server 2012 designed to demonstrate the performance, efficiency, and scalability using industry standard hardware. This includes the testing of new Chkdsk, deduplication, and ODX functionality, as well as the utilization of storage spaces and the SMB 3.0 protocol as a storage option for enterprise grade workloads.

ESG Lab concluded that “the storage efficiency, agility, and transparency of new and improved features make the high-performing, cost-effective Windows Server 2012 a no brainer for small and large businesses alike.”

Read the full report.

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