New must-read docs for IT Pros


With all the recent new downloads for preview versions of our upcoming software taking most of the news cycles, I felt it was time catch up on some of the great new documents that were made available within the last couple weeks.


For quick reference of supported and unsupported upgrade paths for upcoming operating system releases:



Guidance for creating create high-quality Windows applications with a consistent look and feel:


  • Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines -- These guidelines contain information on design principles, and guidelines for controls, commands, text, interaction, windows, messages, aesthetics, and the Windows environment for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


Get up to speed on online services for enterprises:


  • Microsoft Online Dedicated Service Descriptions -- Microsoft Online Services offers dedicated hosting services for Microsoft productivity applications that are widely used by enterprise customers today. This set of documents provides service descriptions for the Microsoft Exchange Online Dedicated messaging service, the Microsoft SharePoint Online Dedicated collaboration service, the Microsoft Office Communications Online Dedicated instant messaging and communications service, and the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web conferencing service.


More to come,



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