The month of daily Exchange Server 2007 tips continues with some gems


TechNet Magazine has really elevated the notion of tech tips. When you think of such of a feature, what comes to mind? A few tips that stagnate over time; perhaps a top 10 list, if it’s a really hot topic. Not TechNet Magazine. It’s Tip of the Day updates every business day on its website. And the tips provide a concise explanation of put-to-work-immediately suggestions. Seriously, spend five minutes and make yourself better.


Here are some of the Exchange Server tips you’ll find on the TechNet Magazine site:

·        Prevent Internal Servers from Being Filtered

·        Set Deleted Item Retention Time on Individual Mailboxes

·        Easily Change a User’s Alias and Display Name


For tips on other products, including Windows Vista and Windows 7, check out the TechNet Magazine Tips library.


More to come,



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