Internet Explorer 8 tops NSS Labs’ Socially Engineered Malware test


In its first comprehensive test of web browser protection against socially engineered malware, NSS Labs found that Internet Explorer 8 (RC1) was best among the six browsers tested. More than 154,000 individual tests were run during 12 days of 24×7 testing against Apple Safari v3, Google Chrome 1.0.154, Microsoft Internet Explorer v8 (RC1), Microsoft Internet Explorer v7, Mozilla Firefox v3.07 and Opera 9.64. IE8’s catch rate was 69%, well ahead of the nearest browser in the test, which scored a 30% catch rate.


See the Microsoft security bulletin summary for March 2009.


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Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    8 seems to be good, but a few internet update should be done

  2. Anonymous says:

    8 browser and install the internet my friend take a few days the problem was a service pack be removed and I thank you for writing should be corrected

  3. Kadin says:

    couple month ago I have bought a book which talks about how to use ie8 and handle  

  4. Anonymous says:

    Introducing such a topic you’d like to congratulate you’ve let us know. Have good work

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