Here’s why Windows Vista could still be the path to Windows 7


The Windows Blog posted a gem yesterday by Gavriella Schuster, senior director for the Windows Enterprise team. This is probably the most succinct job yet of explaining to business users why deploying Windows Vista now will make the future transition to Windows 7 easier. In her post Guidance on Windows Deployments for Business Customers, Schuster acknowledges the lead times required for new operating system deployments, as well as the pressure on operating margins due to the current state of the economy. Find out how testing and remediating your applications on Windows Vista can actually ease your Windows 7 deployment due to the high degree of compatibility. Given those deployment lead times, consider her guidance.


Also from Schuster, check out her Windows 7 Enterprise Edition Customer Benefits posting, which zeros in on the Windows 7 Enterprise features that deliver greater efficiency and cost savings.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you help with Movie Maker? I have had the one from XP Pro – it made decent movies – not nadda – the new 2.6 – nor the beta will work in 7 – i have a vista home premium but never looked to see if it worked there but the 24/7 LIVE pc Tech room at said some admins there are having the same issue. The program works it just doesn’t film anything – that part is grayed out.  


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