New dashboard tracks environmental data to reduce costs


OK, if you haven’t realized it yet, your company’s carbon footprint could be costing it money. And that’s money you don’t want to waste these days. Here’s a way to capture the data needed to measure key indicators related to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from within the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, helping you to pinpoint ways to cut their energy consumption and costs. Microsoft announced today the new Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a free add-on to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. If you’ve been looking for more impetus to implement environmentally sustainable business policies and practices, this could be the tool you’re after. And after these policies and practices are in place, you can use the dashboard to track and display their effects. The dashboard will display four of the Core Environmental Performance Indicators (CEPI) as identified by the Global Reporting Initiative.


Here’s a great way to get a quick overview. Watch the Microsoft Environmental Sustainability Dashboard Video.


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