Integrate your Dynamics CRM (every version) with the world

Crm2Orch is a simple webservice able to integrate your Dynamics CRM in a simple and intuitive manner. It's just a webservice you have to put on your IIS server and it will expose methods to interact with CRM data and objects.

Some useful example could be:
1) Read first level tickets from CRM with Orchestrator and open second level incidents on Service Manager
2) Keep update incidents
3) Read Configuration Items from Azure and keep it updated on CRM
4) Connect to custom CRM entities and update it
5) and many many more

How it works?

  • First, download the code from Crm2Orch Codeplex Project
  • Unzip it on your IIS server
  • Create a new website and target the connection pool to 4.5.* .NET Framework Version
  • Open the web.config file and configure it with your CRM url (it works with all versions from 2009 to CRM online)


  • Point your browser to the http://localhost/CRM2Orch.asmx to see methods


  • Now for example you can easily use System Center Orchestrator to connect to methods

crm3Take all the CRM entities of type "apitil_name" filtering with vmname

  • You can also easily read the response data using the xpath query


  • And finally doing more complex thing integrating CRM data with other tools

crm5Feel free to download Crm2Orch_Runbook and play with it. If you have comments of suggestions, comments this post 🙂

Have a good day!

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