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More and more people are accessing their information online. In a 2012 predictions report, research firm IDC commented growth based on mobile, cloud and social networking platforms will accelerate. This means that even the smallest nonprofit can benefit from having some way for people to find them on the web. Add to this the fact that access to the Internet continues to grow globally and your online presence will become more important, whether you're communicating with your beneficiaries, supporters, staff or any other stakeholders. In this edition of Tech4Good, we have pulled together information and resources to help create, maintain and get the most out of your nonprofit's website.

Websites 101

If you are considering developing a website or amending an existing one, a general understanding of the mechanics behind a website is invaluable. Specifically, understanding how HTML, CSS and content management systems (CMSs) are used to build web pages will help you design and build your own.

How Websites Work

Roadmap and Design for Nonprofit Websites

Taking a methodical approach to your website design will help you create a brief for a web agency, or if you're creating the website yourself with the use of website software. With the right agency, software and a good understanding of the content you'd like to use, it won't be nearly as daunting a task as you may think.

Digital Ecology
Web Design for Beginners
How to Design a Website

Making Your Website Pop

Creating a visually enticing nonprofit website does not require a significant budget. Great images, large text and the integration of social media channels are only a few of the elements incorporated into the world's best nonprofit websites. Read on to understand how to evaluate your website for areas where you can improve, and how to tell your nonprofit’s story with enticing visuals.

Website Design Best Practice for Nonprofits
5 Tips for Visually Enticing Nonprofit Websites

Web Design Case Study

These case studies give a clear overview of challenges that nonprofits and small businesses face and what they are trying to achieve through their websites. The case studies provide clear information about the impact a good website redesign can have.

Case Study 

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Microsoft Connection Days

Get together with nonprofits to learn about the latest and greatest technology for the sector.

14 November 2012 
Baguio, Philippines

27 November 2012 
Auckland, New Zealand

5 December 2012 
Sydney, Australia

6 February 2013 


Social Media Workshops
28 November 2012 
Auckland, New Zealand

4 December 2012 
Sydney, Australia

11 December 2012
Delhi, India

Social Media Webinar
12 December 2012

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