Tech4Good June 2011

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the community organization Tech4Good e-newsletter. On behalf of the Community Affairs team in Asia I am delighted that we are launching this new communication. We believe community organizations do amazing work and with the help of technology your work can be even more impactful. This newsletter is a resource for you, our community organization partners; it will showcase technology solutions specifically for community organizations that provide opportunities to help you work more effectively and efficiently – so you can focus on your core mission. It is also our hope that this e-newsletter will help build a community of community organization partners with shared issues, concerns and successes across Asia. Each issue will contain links to articles, success stories and free software solutions. We welcome your feedback.



• Social Networking
As a community organization you are reliant upon marketing campaigns to raise awareness about your cause and now you're using social media as one communication vehicle. Read about how social media can be used effectively and how to measure that success:
Networked Nonprofits Have Social Cultures

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Communication

• Internet Safety and Security
As social networking continues to surge in popularity, consideration about the personal data that we share on the internet is taking a downward turn. How aware are you as a community organization of the potential pitfalls in the indiscriminate sharing of information online?
Read more:
Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

11 Tips for Social Networking Safety

• Free Online Tools
Windows Live is a free set of services and software products from Microsoft. A majority of these services are Web applications, accessible from a browser. There are three ways in which Windows Live services are offered: Windows Live Essentials applications, web services and mobile services.
To learn more click here.


Technology comes to life when community organizations share their stories about the way in which they use IT and the real community impact they have had as a result. Read stories from your peers in the third sector about their outstanding use of technology, highlighted through the TechSoup Global and Microsoft contest 'Technology for Good'.
Read more about Show Your Impact by TechSoup Global.

Read about the amazing things Microsoft technology can do.



Join us for a community organization Connection Day in your community, where community organizations come together to hear from their peers and from Microsoft about new trends in technology.

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