DHCP PowerShell Export Import cmdlets in Windows Server 2012

DHCP PowerShell in Windows Server 2012, in addition to providing cmdlets for DHCP server management, provides cmdlets for exporting (Export-DhcpServer) and importing (Import-DhcpServer) DHCP Server configuration and IP address lease data. Unlike NetSH.exe export/import functionality which uses binary file format for the exported data, these cmdlets are designed for human readability as well as modification…


DHCP MAC address Filter management made easy with DHCP PowerShell

Security and network administrators are increasingly wary of internal security threats, in addition to threats from the outside, due to the introduction of uncertified hardware and software on the network, such as personal portable computers and mobile devices that can be potentially compromised and not compliant to the security practices of the organization. Link layer-based…


DHCP Server Performance in Windows Server 2008 R2

  With the proliferation of IP devices on the enterprise network, network services like DHCP are expected to deliver on ever increasing load while maintaining low response times. DHCP Server in Windows Server 2008 R2 has been enhanced and tested to deliver far higher levels of performance and scalability than in previous releases of Windows….