DHCP Server Callout API usage

Microsoft DHCP Server Callout API provides a way for developers to access the critical phases of DHCP protocol processing in Windows Server 2003 family and later. This enables developers to: ·         Create customized extensions to the Microsoft DHCP Server ·         Monitor statistics ·         Create parallel lease databases ·         Provide other customized solutions Refer this link for a description…


DHCP Server Performance in Windows Server 2008 R2

  With the proliferation of IP devices on the enterprise network, network services like DHCP are expected to deliver on ever increasing load while maintaining low response times. DHCP Server in Windows Server 2008 R2 has been enhanced and tested to deliver far higher levels of performance and scalability than in previous releases of Windows….


Option based IP Address assignment Callout Dll

Overview DHCP administrators would like to manage address assignment in the network, by assigning IP address to DHCP clients based on vendor/user class identifier from distinct address ranges in the subnet. This functionality can be added to the Microsoft DHCP Server, by installing DHCP Server Option Based IP Address Assignment Callout package. This callout dll…


Windows 7 RC is available for TechNet and MSDN subscribers to download

We are pleased to announce that the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is available for immediate download to our TechNet and MSDN subscribers. If you’re not a TechNet Plus subscriber, please click here to learn about the benefits of becoming one. Windows 7 RC will be made available to the general public on May 5,…


DHCPv6 Information-Refresh Time Option

DHCPv6 Stateless Clients obtain configuration data from DHCP Server, by sending Information-request messages. The configuration data typically has no associated lifetime, hence there is no information telling a host when to refresh its configuration information. DHCPv6 Information-Refresh time option (Option 32), specified in RFC-4242 allows stateless clients to refresh configuration data periodically. The information refresh…


DHCPv6 User Class Option

RFC3315 specifies User Class Option for IPv6 hosts. DHCP administrators may define specific user class identifiers to convey information about a client’s software configuration or about its user’s preferences. User classes are created to support the implementation of various scenarios like: To identify various clients in specific site and location. For example the computers and…


DHCP Server Events Tool

This tool can be used by DHCP Administrators to view all the events generated by DHCP Server directly in MMC. This tool can also be very handy in managing the MAC Based Filtering where you can see the list of people entering your network and you will be able to remotely add them to Allow/Deny list…


DHCPv6 – Understanding of address configuration in automatic mode and installation of DHCPv6 Server

Understanding of address configuration in automatic mode     Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista include a DHCPv6-capable DHCP client that will perform stateful address autoconfiguration with a DHCPv6 server. Windows Server 2008 includes a DHCPv6-capable DHCP server.   A host (DHCP Client) can configure itself with an IPv6 address to be used on the…


How to monitor and audit DHCP Server configuration changes for compliance

DHCP Server of Windows Server 2008 R2, supports DHCP activity logging, that is it allows DHCP Administrators to monitor the configuration changes of the DHCP Servers. Therefore the events pertaining to DHCP activity logging, will be logged with additional information like: Date and time of event occurrence, IP Address and host name of the DHCP…


DHCP Server service security enhancement

DHCP Server service is moved under Network Service account from what it used to be a Local System account untill Windows Server 2008. With this the DHCP Server service that runs in the context of the Network Service account presents the computer’s credentials to remote servers. Also the advantage with Network Service is it has…