Troubleshooting Link Layer based filtering

Some of the issues that are commonly faced in scenarios where Link Layer based filters have been configured.


1. MAC Address is added in allow list but still the client is denied IP address.

    Check if there is some wildcard entry in the deny list which matches the MAC Address of the requesting client. Because deny list match has precedence over the allow list match, the request for IP would be denied. In case there exists such entry, either change it to a more specific wild card expression or delete the wildcard entry.


2. The existing client denied renew of lease.

   Check whether allow filter has been enabled. If it is, check if the details of the clients MAC Address are in the allowed Link Layer list.


3.A client with a non-ethernet hardware type is denied IP address.

   Check if the allow list is enabled. Check the filterexemption for that particular hardware type. For the non-ethernet hardware-type to be allowed to access the network, the checkbox corresponding to that hardware type should be exempted from filtering.




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