How to Configure DHCP Network Hint

By default, DHCP Network Hint is turned “on” in Windows 7 OS.   In order to turn off this feature, a user needs to create the following registry key on the laptop machine: In the registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParametersInterfaces, create a DWORD value named as “UseNetworkHint” and set it to “0”. Then restart the DHCP client…


How it works: DHCP Network Hint

When a user takes his machine with Windows 7 OS (laptop) from one network to another network, then DHCP client first tries to get the network hint (SSID) of the new network. If it does not get any network hint, then regular processing is carried on assuming that the network does not support network hint….


What is DHCP Network Hint?

With the increase in popularity of laptops, it is very common for users to frequently reconnect to a previously visited network. In order to improve user experience in roaming scenarios, where the user connects back to a previously visited network where the user had a valid DHCP lease, DHCP network hint has been implemented in…


Interesting in taking a test drive of the new features?

The networking team would like to get feedback,    from customers/users of the DHCP Server.       Here’s your chance to  to test the new and existing features in MS DHCP Server, ahead of the general  release.             If you are interested,    please send in the filled-in questionnaire to msnetworkteam_AT_live_DOT_com. ———–Questionnaire——————— Name                                                      : Organization                                           :  Industry  (Eg. Telco/ISV/Education)        : …


Team DHCP wants your feedback!

Is  there a particular feature in DHCP (eg. reservations, callout DLL,   failover, netsh, …) that interests you? Have you customized the DHCP server, using scripts or external utilities to suit your environment? Are there features, that you would like to see,  in the next version of your favorite DHCP server?     If you have answered “Yes”…


NAP Enforcement Exemption for Printers and other Network Appliances

Network administrators deploying DHCP NAP on their network often need to create NAP enforcement exemption for devices like printers, NAS, VoIP Phones which don’t support NAP. Today, we would look at steps to create such NPS policy based on the MAC address of the NIC of the devices. Limitations: Due to the restriction on the…


Configuring Custom NPS Policies Per DHCP scope

DHCP server administrators deploying DHCP NAP have often queried about provisioning clients on different subnets with separate Network policies. Here a step-by-step walk through for configuring such policies from the NPS management console as well as required settings in DHCP management console. Scenario Description Kevin is a Network Administrator of an organization having two subnets managed by a Windows Server 2008…


Script to display ALL the reserved addresses configured on the DHCP server.

The Microsoft DHCP server provides show command to display reserved addresses configured at a particular scope level. But diplaying ALL the reserved addresses configured in ALL the scopes in the server is not possible with a single command.  You can make use of the below script (Batch File) to display the reservations for all the scopes configured in the server. An intermidiate…


DHCP Server Callout DLL for MAC Address based filtering – MAC Address List File Format

Looking at the problem in configuring Mac Address List File while configuring callout DLL for Mac Address based filtering, here are some detailed tips which will help you in verifying your configuration with one below… ·         File should contain action followed by MAC address list as show in below format. There is stringent check on the…


Export – Import of DHCPv6 Server Configurations

Export and import commands in netsh helps to export configuration of a local server to a particular file and then using this file these configurations can be imported on another server.   Exporting and importing of  DHCPv6 Server configuration can be done using the following steps:   Let’s say there are three scopes configured under…