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  1. teamdhcp says:

    The default behavior of Windows clients is that they never release the IP address. You can configure the Windows client to "Release on shutdown" via an option configuration on the DHCP server. In which case, the client will release the IP address lease on a shutdown. Other clients (printers, phones) may have different behavior. However, most DHCP client implementations do not release the IP address lease.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a question and have had trouble finding an answer, I am also not sure if this is the correct forum to post but here it goes anyway. Is there a way to query current issued lease information from 2003 DHCP Scopes using WMI, VB.NET or VB Script? I am trying to clean up some DNS records and need to know which DNS IP map back to current leases. I know you can use NetSH to get a lot of information but I didn’t see a way to find current issued leases.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a code example using this function while referencing Dhcpsapi.dll in VB.NET?

  4. teamdhcp says:

    Hey Eric,

    This is the API you need to use from any of your RPC client.

    There is also a netsh command for displaying all v4 clients for a scope:

    netsh dhcp server scope show clients

    Raunak Pandya

    DHCP Server Team

  5. Aron Thomas says:

    We are running DHCP on Window 2008 R2 and recently it lost router and duration settings for all scopes.  It continues to lose the durations settings.    Any suggestions on stopping and preventing the loss of settings DHCP?

  6. John Lynch says:

    Do DHCP clients that have a reserved IP address configured for them on the DHCP server release their IP address if for example thier DHCP server is unavailable and their lease has expired?



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