Identify a PXEClient/BootP and assign a shorter lease

This is quite possible & common scenario that PXEClient/BOOTP client and normal Windows Client exists in the same network and share a single scope of IPaddress. Normally, PXEClient are used only for very limited purpose & short period. Hence limiting the lease time for PXEClient/BOOTP is good practice. Windows 2003 & LongHorn support this feature for feeding different lease time for BOOTP and Normal clients.

How todo:-

  • Navigate to the Advance tab of the Scope properties window
  • Select Both in the radio list to service IPaddress both DHCP or BOOTP clients
  • Then the lease duration for BOOTP clients machine will get enable. There specify the time required for all PXEClient/BOOTP clients.
  • The lease specified in the general tab will applied for non-PXEClient/Non-BOOTP clients.


-RamaSubbu SK


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