How to Assign a Dynamic address to A server by making a reservation for the server

Obtain the MAC address of the server's interface for which we want to assign a Fixed DHCP address, And add a reservation using below command

  netsh dhcp server <DhcpServer'sAddress> Scope <Scope_ID> add reservedip <Fixed DHCP Address> MAC-Address

 For EX:

  netsh dhcp server Scope add reservedip 08002b30369b

Adds a reservation of address for the machine having MAC address 08002b30369b in the scope

We can also add reservations specific to a particular interface using the below command.

  netsh dhcp server Scope set reservedoptionvalue reservedip option_code option_type option_values

For Ex:

  netsh dhcp server Scope set reservedoptionvalue 003 IPADDRESS

  Adds Router Addresses (Option3) of , to the reservation of So when the reserved client requests for the options, These specific option values are retrieved and given to the client.

 - Vamshi


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