A Review of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 from MIX 2010

Underbelly has a great chronological timeline of the what was announced at MIX regarding Xbox Live, XNA, Windows Phone 7 development, launch partners, and Silverlight 4! Check it out!


Explaining the Cloud

I did an academic presentation at Bucks University hosted by the Istitution of Engineering and Technology.  The presentation was titled “Explaining the Cloud,” and it discussed at a high-level why the cloud represents a shift in how IT systems and applications will evolve.  It also gives a overview for those who haven’t been initiated in…


Windows Azure Interop with Ruby on Rails!

I presented at London Geek Night a few days ago about the contributions that Microsoft made to the open-source community in 2009.  My presentation was titled, “Hell Froze over, Pigs flew, Microsoft Went Open” Hell Froze Over, Pigs Flew, Microsoft Went Open View more presentations from ukdpe. This was my first time to London Geek…


Sky Player on Windows 7 Media Center

Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service launches on Windows 7 creating a new and innovative way for people in the UK to watch live and on demand TV from Sky on a PC.  The service is simple and easy to use and gives Windows 7 users access to the wide range of high-quality live and…


Pairing Jawbone Headset with Windows 7

Doing a search on this topic, it seems that many of you out there are frustrated by the fact that a premium bluetooth headset like the Jawbone has so many problems with pairing.  The key to pairing this headset with Windows 7 comes down to your bluetooth driver.  I have a Lenovo T61p.  When I…


Microsoft is Having a Big Patch Tuesday – Webcast Announced

For October we are releasing 13 bulletins (eight critical and five important), addressing 34 vulnerabilities, affecting Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Silverlight, Forefront, Developer Tools, and SQL Server. Most of these updates require a restart so please factor that into your deployment planning.  For more information visit the Advanced Notification page on the MSRC blog Also,…


Speed Up Your Boot Time, Shave 30 Seconds Off Windows 7 Boot

I just finished installing our Microsoft IT build of Windows 7 x64 with Office 2010.  After I installed all the updates on my Lenovo T61p with 4GB RAM, I decided to reboot my machine a few times and clock it with my stopwatch.  From shutdown to usable desktop interactivity, my laptop required about 1 minute…


Partner Webcast for Window Server 2008 R2 & Hyper-V

WNS140AL: Planning and Deploying Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V: Part 4 – Plan, Deploy and Manage with the Security Compliance Management Toolkit Beta Presented by Tom Cloward Tuesday, September 29, 2009 8:00-9:00am Pacific Time Click here to calculate your local time This is a joint Microsoft internal AND Partner facing Webcast provided by Academy…


Windows Vista to Get “Ribbon-ized” with Free Update

ComputerWorld has a great article about Microsoft releasing a “Ribbon” patch for all Vista users.  This patch will enable people to use applications that have been specifically built with Windows 7 Ribbon on Vista. “That plan seems to be in tatters now. Starting in October, application developers will be assured that new software they’ve crafted…


Audit Your IT Environment with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0 is Now Available! With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 becoming available in the near future, the Solution Accelerators Team is offering customers and partners a head start on deployment planning with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0. Hundreds of thousands of Microsoft customers and partners…