Windows 7 to Include “Windows XP Mode” for Application Compatibility

The Windows Product team have made a really smart decision to put in some effort around the Windows XP Virtual PC experience.  This feature will is aimed at businesses that need to maintain XP compatibility with line-of-business applications.  Essentially, prior to this feature announcement, businesses would have had to have an XP license and use…


Microsoft Knowledge Base Upgraded to Become Soulless IT Troubleshooter

Who needs people any way.  Of all the times I’ve had to deal with less than professional IT administrators who more closely resemble Nick Burns, company computer guy, than a well spoken service professional, it’s about time that IT troubleshooting has a level automation to it.  What I’m refering to is Microsoft’s new “Fix-it for…


Windows Live Wave 3 Beta is Released

Lots of updates with the new versions of Live Messenger, Live Writer, Search Toolbar, and Live Services integration.  Check it out!  Also, the branding and skinning of all the apps have become more unified so the look and feel is similar.   New Windows Live Betas – Download Wave 3 Now! (Updated With International Goodness)


Bringing the Soul Back to PowerPoint

Office Labs has recently released a PowerPoint 2007 add-in called pptPlex.  For those of you who saw Bill Gates show off the TouchWall at the CEO Summit, you saw how information no longer had be be presented in a linear fashion.  When dealing with many data sources and disparate views, users must be able to…


Masses Rejoice: Xobni Goes Public Beta

Xobni, the small San Francisco Bay start-up, has gone public with their Outlook, and now Yahoo Mail, plug-in.  If you recall, I wrote about Xobni a few months back.  Having been on the private beta, I can only say, that Xobni has really changed the way I use Outlook.  I love the fact that my…


How To: Fix Outlook Data Corruption

So I had a weird morning today.  My computer woke up from sleep a little grumpy, definitely not the typical experience which is usually smooth as a baby’s bottom.   Anyway, I fire up outlook and I’m greeted with an error that says Outlook can’t launch because the OST file is corrupted.  I sigh in annoyance…


Create Hollywood Quality Music Videos Cheap

It’s been a really hectic month for me this last March, hence the utter lack of regular blog posts.  For this I apologize.  Even though I’m was on vacation at my home in Dallas, Texas, I wanted to let everyone know about a really cool site called Animoto. Animoto’s goal is to create Hollywood quality…


A Better Way To Defrag

What year is it?  It’s 2008 and I’m still writing about how to defrag my Windows machine.  It’s pathetic.  The whole idea is ridiculous especially considering that as the size of partitions have shot up almost exponentially, while the time taken to completely defragment a hard drive has stayed linear.  In fairness, I rarely have…


How To: Create a Vista SP1 Image Using ImageX.exe and WIM Files

My colleague James O’Neill has a really simple step by step blog post on how to use the new deployment tools that come with Vista to create an SP1 Vista image.  He makes it sound so easy!  * it actually is*  The coolest part of the entire image creation process was that it was done…


If Your Organization is Still Running Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), READ THIS!!!

  This is going to be one of those months.  Most of you all knew it was coming with the announcement a few months ago.  Be aware this only applies to WSUS customers who have changed the default setting.  What does this mean for your apps?  Well if you haven’t tested all your internet apps…