10 Worst Job Search Tips in the World

I’ll admit, I’m pretty stubborn and set in my ways when it comes to searching for new jobs.  I believe there is a right and a wrong when it comes to presenting yourself and sending out resumes.  I’ve been lucky that I have an extremely ambitious group of friends who have taught me and mentored…


Interesting Management Theory for the Information Worker

I came across this "joke" on the interwebs this morning and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  I personally love the third paragraph from the bottom.   Why you and the boss are totally different   When you take a long time, you’re slow. When your boss takes a long…


Funniest Yahoo Related Prank

What can only be described as a genius web app suitable for the likes of Ebaum’s World, I was browsing Twitter and found this awesome tweet: I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in over a year. Ladies and gentleman, I give you, YahooRezinR


Microsoft Hack Its Own Website…Awesome

“Live To Code.”  This is what user’s will be greeted by when they go to Microsoft UK’s website.  Is this a simple DNS muck up or is it part of some larger viral marketing campaign meant to show the softer, lighter, friendlier side of Microsoft?  You decide.  How much you want to bet that we…


Who Cares About Computer Stuff?! Indy’s BACK!

The decades long wait is finally at an end.  Nazis, monkey brains, arks, snakes, and all.  Did I mention it’s been enhanced with wrinkles? http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/indianajones.html?showVideo=1 "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!….hehehehe look at that kid Laura, he’s running without a shirt on!" …..say Bush


Microsoft Boy Launches Plans to Submit Homework

Everyone knows the basic Microsoft drill when products are announced.  step 1 – build a website step 2 – invite important people and press step 3 – parade around senior executives step 4 – make vague statements about innovation, productivity, and engineering milestones step 5 – sell the product weeks if not months later. This…


Meet the Man Who Met Bill Gates

My colleague and friend, James Senior, has had a unique opportunity to spend 45 seconds in the close presence of Bill Gates.  My first question to him was, "how in the hell did you pull that off?"  As it turns out, James was one of the people helping Bill show off Surface during Bill Gates’s…


To Be American is Not A Right, It is A Virtue

I plan to vote Obama after much practical reservation and after having listened to every candidate’s speech tonight. Staying up and watching the news ’till 6:20am in London has been a rollercoaster of patriotic emotion and critical analysis. It has been a defining moment for me as I struggle to grasp what it means to…


Live at BETT 2008 – Day 2

On the first day, people were very excited about hearing from the various schools that were presenting their experiences using Microsoft technology.  Day number two has been even more memorable with literally thousands of people visiting and communicating with Microsoft staff!  Here are a few shots of what happened.    This is the main booth…


Impressive 3G Performance With Orange

I’m currently doing some late night crunching on my machine for work.  Since I have Windows Mobile 6 device with 3G capabilities, I make use of the "internet sharing" features often.  Here in London, I was particularly amazed with the performance I got with only one bar of 3G service! It later tapered off to…