Windows 7 Rookies – Alexa, Age 7, vs Allen, Age 76

Talk about suspense.  Learn more about Rookies on the Microsoft website! As usual, check out Windows Live Photo Gallery by visiting and using it for FREE forever!

Windows 7 Rookies – Adam, Age 8, Creates a Music Slideshow

Watch this same video in HD (Silverlight required) on the Microsoft website It should be stated that Adam is actually using two applications, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker which comes with Vista.  Eventually, Windows Live Movie Maker will come bundled with Live Photo Gallery but its just not ready yet. 

Live at BETT 2008 – Day 2

On the first day, people were very excited about hearing from the various schools that were presenting their experiences using Microsoft technology.  Day number two has been even more memorable with literally thousands of people visiting and communicating with Microsoft staff!  Here are a few shots of what happened.    This is the main booth…


Live At BETT 2008 – Day 1

Hello Everyone, For the next three days I will be talking with customers at the Microsoft booth.  For those that do not know what BETT is, it is the largest Education-focused tradeshow in the UK.  There are a lot of exciting technologies on showcase here so I want to share parts of the event as…


Did You Know: Live Photo Gallery Does Panoramic Auto-Stitching?

My cousin decided to get a new place and needed to post pictures of their apartment on Craigslist.  I suggested they try panoramic pics of their place to show the size of the apartment.  Being a lazy person, he didn’t care, so I did it for him, mostly to satisfy my technical curiosity. The Raw…