Why One Mac User Hates Google Docs

Why I Don’t Use Google Docs By Rob Griffiths, Macworld.com When you need to collaborate with others on a project that involves word processing, spreadsheets, and/or presentations, Google Docs is an excellent solution: the ability to work with others in real time is something that’s hard, if not impossible, to replicate in any desktop program….


Buy Office 2007 Now and Upgrade to 2010 for Free!

Microsoft has kicked in its technology guarantee for customers who are waiting to upgrade to Office 2010 but haven’t upgraded to Office 2007.  The simple thinking is that there is no reason for businesses to delay rolling out and familiarizing themselves with common UI elements like the Ribbon and the Open XML format.  Depending on…


Deepfat Rationalizes the Ribbon UI in Microsoft Office

My colleague Andrew Fryer (@deepfat) was annoyed at BETT 2010 conference by the number of older teachers, headmasters, and IT professionals whining about the Ribbon UI.  I told him that some people just can’t be convinced and will only go kicking a screaming.  I said this after spending about 15 minutes explaining to a guy…


Office 2010 Tips – Print, Share, and Communicate Easier with Office Backstage View

Use the Backstage view for quick access to the essentials The new Microsoft Office Backstage view replaces the traditional File menu, helping you quickly get to operations such as save, share, print, and publish with just a few clicks. Take advantage of the rich, intuitive set of commands to help you handle your work more…


Office 2010 Tips – View, Edit, and Collaborate Anytime Anywhere with SharePoint Workspace

Pilot SharePoint Workspace! Ever open your computer, ready to work from home, and realize you forgot to download that one crucial SharePoint document? Work on any teams where emailing version after version of a document takes up half of everyone’s inbox? Try out SharePoint Workspace 2010—it’s the new release of the application formerly known as…


Microsoft Office Web Apps License Information

Ars Technica has a done some reading in the in the “product use rights” document pertaining to Office 2010 Standard and Professional Plus.  The interesting bit is the wording around Office Web Apps usage.  I’ll admit that this license model is a no-brainer, but then again I work for the company :)  Many were curious…


Discover the Future of Visual Data Mining with Microsoft Pivot

The world has too much information.  If you query any search engine for any topic, you will likely be greeted by millions of links of results.  Everyone knows that text cannot possibly be the end all, be all of data discovery.  Surely as the volume of unmanaged data grows, which grows about 70% year over…


Office 2010 Tips – Make Quality Diagrams with Visio

Get a backstage pass to vibrant diagrams Microsoft Visio 2010 gives you fast and easy access to a rich set of diagram templates that meet your needs. Choose the right template for the job and you’re on your way to creating a professional-looking diagram that simplifies complexity and gets everyone on the same page. Just…


Office 2010 Tips – Language Translation on Steroids *laughs at Google Docs*

What language barrier? Find improved tools for translation in Word Word 2010 has great tools for anyone who’s ever worked with someone—a coworker, customer, or entire market segment—who speak a language different than their own. The improved translation tools in Word 2010 provide easy options for translating a word, phrase, or your entire document. Use…


Office 2010 Tips – Visio “Quick Shapes” Remembers What You Use the Most

A home for your favorite shapes and functions! Microsoft Visio 2010 gives you fast and easy access to shapes for your diagrams. The new Quick Shapes area at the top of every stencil – above a faint dividing line – holds the shapes you use most often. Simply drag shapes into or out of the…