A Review of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 from MIX 2010

Underbelly has a great chronological timeline of the what was announced at MIX regarding Xbox Live, XNA, Windows Phone 7 development, launch partners, and Silverlight 4! Check it out!


Explaining the Cloud

I did an academic presentation at Bucks University hosted by the Istitution of Engineering and Technology.  The presentation was titled “Explaining the Cloud,” and it discussed at a high-level why the cloud represents a shift in how IT systems and applications will evolve.  It also gives a overview for those who haven’t been initiated in…


Buy Office 2007 Now and Upgrade to 2010 for Free!

Microsoft has kicked in its technology guarantee for customers who are waiting to upgrade to Office 2010 but haven’t upgraded to Office 2007.  The simple thinking is that there is no reason for businesses to delay rolling out and familiarizing themselves with common UI elements like the Ribbon and the Open XML format.  Depending on…


Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2010 RC!

Q: What was announced today? A: Today, Microsoft announced a Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2010. The RC is available to MSDN subscribers today and will be available to the public on February 10. Microsoft is encouraging developers to download the RC and provide feedback. Q: Why did Microsoft release an RC so close…


Microsoft in Education – A Presentation by Steve Beswick

I managed to finally import, edit, and clean up the video from The SharePoint EDU Conference that took place back in the Summer 2009 in Birmingham.  There is a heavy SharePoint focus as you can tell by the name.  The content below is one of six videos that were recorded so stay tuned for more…


PHP SQL Server Driver for All You Communists

I’ve been meeting a lot of open-source devs lately and most tend to be genuinely surprised about the ability to now use SQL Server 2005/2008 with PHP applications.  The best PHP devs, especially those who own or run development houses, tend to be a platform neutral bunch even those that work almost exclusively on Linux,…


Microsoft Releases Haitian Creole Translator for Haiti Aid Workers

Its been amazing to see the world community mobilize against the disaster in Haiti.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I see, hear, or read an amazing story about survival and philanthropy.  Microsoft has done a lot in this area to help. “Since we first heard news of the tragedy in Haiti, there…


Microsoft Can Do Sexy Too…Pshh iPad

If you’ve heard or used our Arc Mouse, we now have a really cool companion item to go with it.  BEHOLD…the Arc Keyboard!    That should hold you guys over until a do a full write-up on the iPad from the Microsoft employee angle out tommorow.  Seriously, Apple is loosing its design edge in the…


February Live Webcasts from Microsoft

TechNet Webcast: Network Considerations for Deploying Communications Server 2007 R2 (Level 300) Tuesday, February 02, 2010 – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Time Desmond Lee, Senior Consultant, Winworkers Switzerland http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032439126&Culture=en-US TechNet Webcast: Deploying Kronos Workforce Management Solutions Using SQL Server 2008 (Level 200) Wednesday, February 03, 2010 – 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Pacific…