Discover the Future of Visual Data Mining with Microsoft Pivot

The world has too much information.  If you query any search engine for any topic, you will likely be greeted by millions of links of results.  Everyone knows that text cannot possibly be the end all, be all of data discovery.  Surely as the volume of unmanaged data grows, which grows about 70% year over…


Previewing Office Online Web Apps…”Impressive”

Techcrunch has a really good preview of our new browser-based version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Onenote.  At the moment it is being rolled out for free to some Live Skydrive users.  The public beta is happening in early 2010 but if you’re a religious Skydrive user, it may be worth checking your inbox!

Windows 7 Rookies – Alexa, Age 7, vs Allen, Age 76

Talk about suspense.  Learn more about Rookies on the Microsoft website! As usual, check out Windows Live Photo Gallery by visiting and using it for FREE forever!

Firefox and Live Search Finally Play Super Nice

One of the great features about IE8 is the way the search box is provider neutral allowing for a great search experience regardless of whether you use Google, Yahoo, Live, Amazon, Wikipedia, New York Times etc etc… So with one click, you can browse search results from any provider found on Microsoft knows that…

London Blogger Meetup

Since my boy James Senior has been living the good life in Seattle as the Live Services Evangelist, he’s kindly setup a great blogger meet-up with an all case of Microsoft technologists, managers and bloggers.   If you want to come, put your name on the wiki!   Some potential discussion topics will include: 1….

New Plug-ins for Live Photo Gallery

Thanks James for the heads up on the new plug-ins! LiveUpload to Facebook – Created by Will Duff.  LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos to Facebook. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live…


Windows Live Wave 3 Beta is Released

Lots of updates with the new versions of Live Messenger, Live Writer, Search Toolbar, and Live Services integration.  Check it out!  Also, the branding and skinning of all the apps have become more unified so the look and feel is similar.   New Windows Live Betas – Download Wave 3 Now! (Updated With International Goodness)

It’s Not About Backup, It’s About Sync

In the last year or so, there has been a wave of activity in the storage service space.  Companies new and old have been entering into the fray to tout their friendly, automated consumer backup solutions.  Many names may ring a bell and are in the process of reinventing themselves to take advantage of new…


An Inside Look At Microsoft Research’s New Building

Scoble has a pretty interesting writing up about Microsoft Research and some of the projects they are working on!  Also there are a lot of pretty pictures of the new building! Interesting Comments About: Stuff covered in the tour: Microsoft Surface Collaboration Spaces Garage Car Counters Anechoic Chamber for Sound Research Hidden Secret XBox Research…