Interview on Open Source & Collaboration with Craig Murphy and Andy Westgarth

Listen to the podcast where I get asked about my views on Microsoft’s collaboration story and commitment to the open source community.  This was a fantastic experience done late last March at the Windows Server 2008 launch.  If you listen, watch out for my “good save” when making references to search engines.   -V-

Understanding Privacy in Cloud Computing: An Interview with Syncplicity

Back in May I did a write up on online storage companies that take information sitting on desktops and laptops and sync that information across all the devices you own.  Although it wasn’t a straight review, it highlighted important points about what experiences are valued by the end-users.  A discussion about intellectual property and copyright…


Ina Fried of ZDNet Interviews Ballmer on Windows Mobile Strategy

My favorite excerpt from this fun interview was the following: “What about full Web browsing? I mean, that seems to be the one feature of the iPhone that would also benefit business users. Ballmer: It sure would.” Simple and blunt answering is Ballmer’s style.  Like him or hate him *most at Microsoft love him*, he…

OpenXML Interoperabililty Using Linux and Java

Channel 9 has posted a great video interview and demo of how OpenXML easily allows interoperability with back-end systems on the LAMP stack.  This demo was created by developers at Sonata Software who specialize in IT development and global off-shoring.  The company is based in Bangalore but has clients throughout the world. Also though the…

Just Tafiti It

I’m always amazed at how quickly the marketing department gets on a roll with great product names like Silverlight, Surface, and Popfly, only to crash into a proverbial brick wall with a name like Tafiti. what is that, like 5 syllabals? Regardless of our opinions on Microsoft naming conventions like they matter, my old colleague,…

Yellow Park interviews Microsoft Evangelist

Chris Dalby of Yellow Park Tech Watch has put up a two part series with Eileen Brown, IT Pro Evangelist with Microsoft UK.  They cover a lot of ground from the social aspects in technology to the latest scoop on OCS, TechED, and UC. Part 1 Part 2