Why One Mac User Hates Google Docs

Why I Don’t Use Google Docs By Rob Griffiths, Macworld.com When you need to collaborate with others on a project that involves word processing, spreadsheets, and/or presentations, Google Docs is an excellent solution: the ability to work with others in real time is something that’s hard, if not impossible, to replicate in any desktop program….

PHP SQL Server Driver for All You Communists

I’ve been meeting a lot of open-source devs lately and most tend to be genuinely surprised about the ability to now use SQL Server 2005/2008 with PHP applications.  The best PHP devs, especially those who own or run development houses, tend to be a platform neutral bunch even those that work almost exclusively on Linux,…

Windows Azure Interop with Ruby on Rails!

I presented at London Geek Night a few days ago about the contributions that Microsoft made to the open-source community in 2009.  My presentation was titled, “Hell Froze over, Pigs flew, Microsoft Went Open” Hell Froze Over, Pigs Flew, Microsoft Went Open View more presentations from ukdpe. This was my first time to London Geek…