Are You on Edge?

Using Microsoft HealthVault in the World of Scrubs

Scrubs is quite possibly the greatest TV show, NAY, entertainment program, in the history of the world!  But any critical fan of this serious medical drama can appreciate the lengths that doctors and nurses go through to manipulate the system for the greater good.  A common analogy I make when talking about the state of…


Masterchief Blows Away Early Release Retailer

My teammate, James O’Neill, was driving for the road show we’ve been on for the last two weeks.  It was a fantastic two weeks with the only downside being that we were away from our 360 when Halo 3 launched.  During his travels, he saw the wrath of Microsoft.

Steal Office…Legally

Okay so its not really stealing, but $59 is nothing compared to the $679 cost of buying the full version of Office Ultimate.  For students in UK, Spain, Italy, or France, you also have the option of doing a one-year subscription instead of paying for the software which will keep more money in your pockets…