Weekender: Facebook, Silverlight, CSS, Guy Kawasaki

CSS Zen Garden Illustrates the Power of CSS This is a great site that shows real-time CSS design changes by simply clicking on a new theme. What is nice about the site is that it has a lot of content that perfectly shows how content is separated from the layout style. You can also download…


London Blogger Meetup

Since my boy James Senior has been living the good life in Seattle as the Live Services Evangelist, he’s kindly setup a great blogger meet-up with an all case of Microsoft technologists, managers and bloggers.   If you want to come, put your name on the wiki!   Some potential discussion topics will include: 1….


Microsoft Helps You Use PHP and Drupal

The Web Platform Installer Beta (Web PI) provides a single, free package for installing and configuring Microsoft’s entire Web Platform, including IIS7, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework. Using the Web Platform Installer’s simple user interface, you can select specific components or install the entire Microsoft…


Windows Live Wave 3 Beta is Released

Lots of updates with the new versions of Live Messenger, Live Writer, Search Toolbar, and Live Services integration.  Check it out!  Also, the branding and skinning of all the apps have become more unified so the look and feel is similar.   New Windows Live Betas – Download Wave 3 Now! (Updated With International Goodness)


Office 2007 Ultimate for £39

A time-limited offer available to your university students with a .ac.uk email address (ends at the end of June next summer) For Office Ultimate 2007, which can cost up to £500 to buy the retail version, as a digital download, with the option to buy a backup on DVD for £9.95 Also available to your…


To Be American is Not A Right, It is A Virtue

I plan to vote Obama after much practical reservation and after having listened to every candidate’s speech tonight. Staying up and watching the news ’till 6:20am in London has been a rollercoaster of patriotic emotion and critical analysis. It has been a defining moment for me as I struggle to grasp what it means to…


Microsoft’s New Year is Gonna Bring a lot of Change

Bink.nu has an extensive list of new software that Microsoft will be unleashing in the marketplace.  It is amazing to be part of this company during a time where there has been just a dramatic change in product life-cycles.  This is in stark contrast to the Microsoft of six years ago that was somewhat stagnant…


Outlook and Search Server Christmas Webcasts

I always get into the holiday mood late. While people graciously spend their Novembers shopping, feasting, and buying plane tickets to spend time with their loved ones, I get a head start in my procrastination efforts. The reality is I don’t get into the Christmas spirit until the week before. Maybe it has something to…


Microsoft Buys Video Social Networking Startup, WebFives.com

Last friday, Microsoft took another step in improving its online consumer platform by purchasing WebFives.  Webfives is an online rich-media blogging/social networking site geared towards filmmakers, musicians, and charities.  It’s technology is unique in that the site provides “digital-TV” quality content available for streaming as well as the ability to consume content easily on mobile…


Confessions of a Mobile Blogger

So for the last few weeks I’ve been secretly blogging without a computer. I won’t tell you which articles, but a few of them were written, hyperlinked, and published via my Orange M3100; shitty phone, great pda. I accomplished this amazing feat by using an amazing killer app called “Diarist 2.” Diarist is a Windows…