64GB Flash Drive from Kingston – Ultimate Readyboost?

I read on Gizmodo that Kingston upped the ante from their £63 32GB flash drive to a ridiculous £110 64GB drive.  Besides being an ultimate tool for IT professionals, flash drives with this type of capacity can be used in a embedded systems and small form factor computers without having to mess with the internal…


It’s Not About Backup, It’s About Sync

In the last year or so, there has been a wave of activity in the storage service space.  Companies new and old have been entering into the fray to tout their friendly, automated consumer backup solutions.  Many names may ring a bell and are in the process of reinventing themselves to take advantage of new…


If Your Organization is Still Running Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), READ THIS!!!

  This is going to be one of those months.  Most of you all knew it was coming with the announcement a few months ago.  Be aware this only applies to WSUS customers who have changed the default setting.  What does this mean for your apps?  Well if you haven’t tested all your internet apps…


The Virtualization Mentality

Virtualization this past year has boomed.  The VMWare conference, where Microsoft had an amazing presence, had over 10,000 attendees.  10,000!  This is no small feat by any length.  Virtualization is the seen by many as the holy grail of computing for the next few years as it will finally allow people to efficiently consolidate servers…


Christmas Webcasts: Clearing Your Inbox of Unread Junk - Step 2

This tip covers how to discover what is eating up all of your inbox quota/disk space via “folder size” window.  Also the webcast will show you how to clean out hidden folders that may not show up in Outlook due to sync corruption.  Finally, learn about AutoArchive and setting appropriate archive policy for your emails….


Use Outlook Natively with Hotmail

The new Hotmail Connector for Outlook was released a few weeks back, oddly I haven’t seen anything written about it, hence this post.  The connector gives the ability to use Outlook 2003 or 2007 with LiveMail/Hotmail natively.  For those of you who were big Outlook Express fans *gag*, this was a native feature but died…


When Having OneNote Is Not A Good Idea

Technorati Tags: Microsoft, OneNote, Office, Tips, SharePoint, Backup Since coming to Microsoft from academia, one of greatest products that no one in academia knows about is OneNote.  I’m sure I’ll be getting emails for the product teams saying how I’m an ignorant fool and that Microsoft has sold millions of licenses and they’re probably right,…