Explaining the Cloud

I did an academic presentation at Bucks University hosted by the Istitution of Engineering and Technology.  The presentation was titled “Explaining the Cloud,” and it discussed at a high-level why the cloud represents a shift in how IT systems and applications will evolve.  It also gives a overview for those who haven’t been initiated in…


Just Watched Obama Get Grilled by House Republicans QA for 90 minutes. WOW!

Sorry if politics isn’t your thing (it should be cause tech revolves around policy), and I am not trying to be hyperbolic when I say this but I think I’ve witnessed the most honest and open American political debate in my 27 years of life!  Although not quite British Parliament style, its reminded me of…


Discover the Future of Visual Data Mining with Microsoft Pivot

The world has too much information.  If you query any search engine for any topic, you will likely be greeted by millions of links of results.  Everyone knows that text cannot possibly be the end all, be all of data discovery.  Surely as the volume of unmanaged data grows, which grows about 70% year over…


Classrooms with “Mini” Mainframe Using Multipoint Server

The idea of using a single machine with multiple simultaneous users is not a new concept.  After all, that is exactly what server admins do all the time with remote desktop and terminal services.  But what hasn’t been as easy to do is give users access to their own desktop environment with they own keyboard…


Buy Office 2007 Ultimate for £39

It’s not piracy – It’s The Ultimate Steal! Microsoft® Office® Ultimate 2007 for a tiny £38.95. You shouldn’t have to resort to piracy to get your hands on the software you need. So, while it lasts, you can obtain genuine Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 – featuring a pirate’s booty full of features – for only…


Fora.TV Features Steve Ballmer’s Stanford Presentation on Difficult Economy

I love Fora.TV and I’ve been figuring out a way to take some of Microsoft’s product content and abstract it out to neutral technology discussions that are more closely related to policy and vision.  So while browsing, I was greatly surprised to see Steve B’s head on the front page of Fora.  It is always…


Are You a School that’s Considering GMAIL? Outlook Live is Better and FREE!

Many of you have heard of Live@EDU from Microsoft which offers the below for FREE!: 10 GB Outlook Live, or 5 GB Hotmail, inbox Collaborative workspace University domain name Customised UI No third-party banner ads in webmail UI for current students Students keep their e-mail after they graduate Free for schools, higher education and further…


Finally A Reasonable Software Agreement for Home Users of MS Office

I shouldn’t say “finally” because it has always been the case, but it amazes me that so many people do not know that Office Home & Student 2007 can legally be installed and used on up to 3 PCs.  You get Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote all for roughly a £100.   Plus, for a…


Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Sneak Preview (Video)

TED has a great 6 minute video showing off the WorldWide Telescope’s interface!  Dr. Roy Gould presents the technology and relates it to the humanistic elements of science, exploration, and societal optimism. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/224


The Universe Like Never Before, Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Blasts Off

The 27th of February 2008 will be a day ingrained into the head of every man, woman, and child *2/27???* .  No, it is not because of the momentous launch of Windows Server 2008, although a great achievement in its own right.  Today Microsoft unveils to the public, the WorldWide Telescope!  This amazing endeavour is…