Why One Mac User Hates Google Docs

Why I Don’t Use Google Docs By Rob Griffiths, Macworld.com When you need to collaborate with others on a project that involves word processing, spreadsheets, and/or presentations, Google Docs is an excellent solution: the ability to work with others in real time is something that’s hard, if not impossible, to replicate in any desktop program….


Mr. Ballmer, Would You Sign My Mac?

Sorry, this was too funny not to post!  Well played Mr. Ballmer…well played.  Just out of curiosity, can you perhaps furbish me, employee #318193 with a personally signed version of my Lenovo (I’ll even take a Dell) ?  I know its not a Mac, but I swear it has Windows 7 on it 🙂 Macs…


Run .NET Applications on the iPhone with MonoTouch

For those of you in open-source land, many of you have likely heard of the Mono Framework that is maintained by Novell with collaboration from Microsoft.  Mono is an open-source implementation of .NET that allows .NET developers to target platforms outside of Windows and hardware outside of x86/x64.  With iPhone being a popular development platform,…


iPhone 3GS, Project Natal, Palm Pre, ZuneHD, Windows 7 ZOOOOM!!!

ZOOOOOM!!!  Technology is great!  It’s like a having a one-night stand every week though it never tends to be as good as your first.  Take Apple for instance with their iPhone 3GS announcement.  Bigger, faster, cheaper is their game.  Any real buzz they had with the product was given up early a few months ago…


Running Windows 7 Beta on a Macbook

Ars Technica is one of my favorite online publications.  They consistently provide lightweight content that is intriguing and informative.  As someone who has gone through the process of installing Windows 7 Beta on a Macbook Pro, I wish I had read this article.  My overall experience of Windows 7 on the Mac is good.  The…


What if Steve Jobs Was a Simpsons Character?

I couldn’t help but to roll on the floor laughing when I saw these Simpson videos.  A few you of your know that I worked at Apple in their retail store in Los Angeles so pretty much everything little detail has been analyzed and mocked in these two videos.  Awesome!     Choice quote: "You…


A Peak at Windows 7 Aero Peak

For those of you who read my article about a year ago about taskbars, expect a follow up regarding this.  Great video from PDC!


Steve Jobs’s Face, Meet John Curran’s Balls

What can only be described as a stroke of childish genius is a Microsoft video booth parked outside an Apple store in the UK where people can go and record messages about why they are a “PC.” Who has the balls to take on the Apple marketing machine gorilla-style?  Microsoft UK Windows Product Manager John…


30 Million Windows Mobile Phones Get No Love

Microsoft will sell roughly 30 million Windows Mobile phones this year.  We are the #2 manufacturer of smart phones trailing behind Nokia and beating both RIM and Apple.  I state this because it’s amazing that we get less press as the no. 2 guy than no.3, Apple, and now no. 4 RIM.  You read correctly. …