Just Watched Obama Get Grilled by House Republicans QA for 90 minutes. WOW!

Sorry if politics isn’t your thing (it should be cause tech revolves around policy), and I am not trying to be hyperbolic when I say this but I think I’ve witnessed the most honest and open American political debate in my 27 years of life!  Although not quite British Parliament style, its reminded me of a the sparring matches between Tony Blair and the opposition.  It was like watching adult [Obama] lecture a bunch of petty school children [GOP] on why tattling is not a virtue.  There were some great insights into deep policy goals with specifics previously unreported in the news cycle.  If you’re American or Republican, you should watch it.  If you’re a Democrat, you already know most of the story.  If you’re a liberal or progressive, honestly, I think you should be worried cause Obama really isn’t a liberal at all.

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  1. Jason says:

    Your right, politics isn’t your thing. If by adult you mean constantly distorting, misrepresenting, or being just flat wrong, then adult is the proper word. It’s time to see reality and not the utopia that Obama and his handlers would have you see. It’s time to understand that the government of this country is for the people, by the people, and of the people and not by the egotists currently holding positions of authority and trying to ram things through because they think they know better. Health Care being the prominent example closely followed by the farce that has finally been exposed known as global warming.

    Its time to realize that Obama is a great speaker with great charisma and solid intentions on the completely wrong path with no realistic plan or agenda other than paying off those that got him elected and placating those that hate us for who we are and what we represent: the very "change" and progress that he "idealizes". He is a deer in the headlights constantly blaming others for failures, not taking responsibility for his own actions (and promises), and having polarized this nation more than other single person in a very long time.

  2. Viral Tarpara says:

    @Jason "You’re right politics isn’t your thing…"

    i never said politics isn’t my thing.  I consider myself a huge policy buff, both from a analytical  and philosophical side.

    Obama isn’t so much the cause of polarization as he is the poster boy for it.  America’s in bad shape and its really a culture war between between the 3 groups.  The uneducated, the educated, and the shadow elites who are super educated but nefarious.

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