Last Day at Microsoft

Hello Everyone, With great reluctance, I am leaving Microsoft and will no longer be maintaining this blog.  It been a great ride over the last 4 years, and I will never forget all that this company has done for my personal and professional growth.  Although this is goodbye, it is not for good, HR willing…


Why One Mac User Hates Google Docs

Why I Don’t Use Google Docs By Rob Griffiths, When you need to collaborate with others on a project that involves word processing, spreadsheets, and/or presentations, Google Docs is an excellent solution: the ability to work with others in real time is something that’s hard, if not impossible, to replicate in any desktop program….


A Review of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 from MIX 2010

Underbelly has a great chronological timeline of the what was announced at MIX regarding Xbox Live, XNA, Windows Phone 7 development, launch partners, and Silverlight 4! Check it out!


Explaining the Cloud

I did an academic presentation at Bucks University hosted by the Istitution of Engineering and Technology.  The presentation was titled “Explaining the Cloud,” and it discussed at a high-level why the cloud represents a shift in how IT systems and applications will evolve.  It also gives a overview for those who haven’t been initiated in…


Buy Office 2007 Now and Upgrade to 2010 for Free!

Microsoft has kicked in its technology guarantee for customers who are waiting to upgrade to Office 2010 but haven’t upgraded to Office 2007.  The simple thinking is that there is no reason for businesses to delay rolling out and familiarizing themselves with common UI elements like the Ribbon and the Open XML format.  Depending on…


Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2010 RC!

Q: What was announced today? A: Today, Microsoft announced a Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2010. The RC is available to MSDN subscribers today and will be available to the public on February 10. Microsoft is encouraging developers to download the RC and provide feedback. Q: Why did Microsoft release an RC so close…


Weekender: Facebook, Silverlight, CSS, Guy Kawasaki

CSS Zen Garden Illustrates the Power of CSS This is a great site that shows real-time CSS design changes by simply clicking on a new theme. What is nice about the site is that it has a lot of content that perfectly shows how content is separated from the layout style. You can also download…


Microsoft IT Talks about Snow and Unified Communications

Snow Problem What a winter! The long range weather forecasters got it wrong, traffic in south eastern England ground to a halt at the first sight of snow – my usual 25 minute journey home turned into a 4 hour drive battling against the elements – but Microsoft was ready! For several years now Microsoft…


Microsoft in Education – A Presentation by Steve Beswick

I managed to finally import, edit, and clean up the video from The SharePoint EDU Conference that took place back in the Summer 2009 in Birmingham.  There is a heavy SharePoint focus as you can tell by the name.  The content below is one of six videos that were recorded so stay tuned for more…


PHP SQL Server Driver for All You Communists

I’ve been meeting a lot of open-source devs lately and most tend to be genuinely surprised about the ability to now use SQL Server 2005/2008 with PHP applications.  The best PHP devs, especially those who own or run development houses, tend to be a platform neutral bunch even those that work almost exclusively on Linux,…