Office 2010 Tips – Create Super PivotTables in Excel with “Slicer”

Zero in on the right data points, faster.

Excel 2010 delivers new and exciting slice-and-dice capabilities. The Slicer feature provides you with a rich visualization of your PivotTable view so you can dynamically segment and filter the data to display just what you need. With the search filter, you can spend less time sifting through large data sets in your tables and PivotTable views, and more time analyzing.

Step by Step:

Note:  Slicers require that you have already created a PivotTable from your data.

1. Select a PivotTable, and on the Insert tab, in the Filter group, click Slicer.


2. In the Insert Slicer dialog box, select what you want to filter your PivotTable by, and then click OK. In this example, two Slicers will be available, one to filter the PivotTable based on Genre and the other based on Store.



3. From the Slicer, select the filter you want to apply. In this example, you are filtering the PivotTable so that only the Family category is shown.

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