Office 2010 Tips & Tricks – Organize Your Life with a Notebook

Find, organize and share information all in one place

Use OneNote 2010 for much more than your typical note taking. Collect content—anything from typed text to a copied photo—and use search and tags to find it once it’s stored.  Stop wasting time looking through folders and get what you need at your fingertips.

Step by Step: Search

1. Click in the search tab and choose to search “all notebooks”, or click on a specific notebook or  tab

2. View all the places that your topic is mentioned, across all of your notebooks


Step by Step: Tags

1. Click anywhere on an item that you want to flag

2. From the Ribbon’s Home tab, click on a tag appropriate for that item in the Tag section of the Ribbon


3. Use the “Find Tags” key to see your tagged items listed. A great feature for everything from To-Do lists to organizing your research.


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