Buy Office 2007 Ultimate for £39


It’s not piracy - It’s The Ultimate Steal!

Microsoft® Office® Ultimate 2007 for a tiny £38.95.

You shouldn’t have to resort to piracy to get your hands on the software you need. So, while it lasts, you can obtain genuine Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 – featuring a pirate’s booty full of features – for only £38.95. This is a huge saving of over 90% off the estimated retail price.

The easy way to buy:

1. Visit

2. Register your ‘.ac’ email address and pay online.

3. Say “Arrrr”

Act now and buy today – THIS PRICE CAN’T LAST.

This offer is for UK higher education students and faculty only.

To being eligible you will need a .ac email address from a UK higher education institution.



This offer will only last until June 30th 2009.

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