Microsoft Drops SharePoint Designer Price – Free as in Beer


The SharePoint Team blog has detailed a great new announcement organizations looking to customize SharePoint deployments!  In a letter to SharePoint customers, the team stated:

In response to this feedback, we are implementing a number of changes to promote and facilitate even more customization efforts on top of our platform:

    • Starting on April 1, 2009, we are making SharePoint Designer 2007 available as a free download.
    • Customers with SharePoint Designer 2007 Software Assurance (SA) current as of April 1, 2009 will receive upgrade rights to Expression Web for the lifetime of their SA agreement.

At first I thought this was some late April Fool’s joke that was delayed because of legal.  Thankfully, this is 100% legit and it means that people can more easily start moving away from the standard ugly templates that most organizations stick with. 

Finally, the SharePoint team have also posted a video about the reasons for these changes.


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