Dealing with Error Code 1603 for .NET 3.5 Deployments

This blog post has some tips.  If you produce a verbose log file during the .NET 3.5 update, it would help in debugging the situation.  I have to state that for this issue, it would be best if you contact Microsoft Support through whatever support channels you typically use.  Until then try the following scenarios

Option 1

Try installing as a ‘local admin’ not a ‘domain admin’.  There have been isolated issues where 3.5 will not install properly unless done with local administrator privileges.

Option 2

1. Run the .net cleanup utility from

2. Make sure there are no .Net versions from add/remove programs

3. renamed the C:\Windows\Asssembly folder and restart

4. On restart, install the .Net Framework 3.5 from the link

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