Need to Validate Windows 7 Application Compatibility? Use ACT 5.0

Microsoft releases a lot of free tools and high quality documentation for IT Pros.  When I do presentations, I often urge people to refer to our TechNet database but more importantly to read our whitepapers.  Microsoft whitepapers are not only highly prescriptive but are pragmatic in the way they educate administrators in using new products. 

Embedded below *courtesy of DocStoc* is a whitepaper outlining the use of the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0.  By applying the knowledge found in this document, a competent IT administrator will be able to plan, identify, patch and mitigate the majority of application compatibility issues that exist in the marketplace.

For a full knowledgebase of application compatibility issues, refer to the TechNet TechCenter for Windows 7 App Compat & UAC


Preparing for Windows 7 Application Compatibility with ACT 5.0 - Get more Business Documents

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