8 Tips for Improving Collaboration and Presentations with Twitter

Olivia Mitchell’s blog is dedicated to improving presentation skills.  She has written a great post on her use of Twitter to make more interactive and meaningful presentations.  I think the most interesting part of her post is the following section.

“Encourage your audience to tweet

Let your audience know you would like them to tweet during your presentation and tell them exactly how. Set up a separate hashtag for the presentation. If your presentation is part of a conference with its own hashtag, I still recommend a separate hashtag for your session. That will ensure you can follow just the tweets for your session.

To set up a hashtag, first follow @hashtags, it will automatically follow you back. Then you simply create your hashtag by typing a hash symbol in front of your chosen tag. You can search the hashtags site to ensure your tag isn’t already in use. We found it took several hours for twitter search to pick up on our hashtag, so I recommend doing this the day before your presentation.”

This is only one of the tips she has written in the post.  Check out the other seven!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to show this Scott Guthrie, he told his attendees at the MVP Summit not to tweet. 😛

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