How To: Capture Perfect Screenshots

I was reading the an article about the IE8 Blocker Toolkit and when reading the comments, someone was flaming about how bad the screenshots were because of the rough edges.  I personally use the OneNote 2007 Screen Grabber that allows me to capture any size window from the screen.  Sometimes, however, hastily taken screenshots lead to results like the following.

image image

Notice the ugly borders from inaccurate screen grabs.  It’s really time consuming to align the mouse perfectly.  Well thanks to an anonymous commenter, I now know about ALT+PrintScreen which perfectly grabs the active window without the extra pixel bloat. 

image image image image

Unlike OneNote, though, the shots go straight to the clipboard so if you’re like me and miss the auto-notation capability found in OneNote, it may be limiting.  Personally I'll be using both OneNote and ALT+PrintScreen since each have their own benefits.

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