Two Nerds Arguing About Windows 7

Did you ever wonder what it would sound like if two nerds were arguing about Windows XP vs. Vista vs. Windows 7?  Neither did I, but by some satanic curse, I clicked on this ridiculous article on InfoWorld which is driving me crazy.  It’s like watching a boxing match play by play except with Magic: The Gathering play cardsIt also happens to be a hilarious microcosm of the world of computer-nerd cordiality.

The core of the whole article is whether Windows 7 is worthy of being called Windows 7.  My response to this is is “get a life.”  Everyone knows that Vista marketing was bad.  What’s wrong with adding a few REALLY useful features and calling it something new?  It’s not like we’re putting lipstick on a pig, its more like genetically modifying a pig so that behaves like a cheetah.  *Ok, bad analogy, won’t happen again* 

Microsoft has always said that Windows 7 will be building on top of Vista.  If your app works in Vista, it will work in Win7.  If your computer runs XP great but not Vista that well, Windows 7 will run even better than XP on the same machine.  You can argue about numbers, thread counts, CPU cycles, code lines all you want, but that the end of the day, does it really matter?  What matters is that the end user is going to get a user experience that is way above XP and will be as zippy in look and feel too.  What matters is that people who move from XP to Win7 will be able to deal with more modern security threats.  What matters is that Windows 7 will be able to allow the average person to do more creative things on their computer more easily and with greater enjoyment than any OS Microsoft has ever released!

i hate nerds….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh come on. Nerds aren’t that bad. It’s the fanboy nerds that are the bad ones. They just don’t let down! 🙂

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